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What should I do if I suspect a fraudulent contract?

How to deal with an owner who is not complying with their duties?
What to do, where to get legal help when the situation of your commercial establishment and your residence is affecting your commercial and personal life?
What to do when a house is at risk of having a power outage and the owner does nothing about it?
Two years ago I rented a property in Amsterdam, where I have my business on the first floor and my house on the second floor. During the negotiation period I was presented with two contracts (one commercial and one residential). To my understanding the spaces were rented separately but on the day of signing, the property administrator presented me with a single contract claiming that this would be easier for me to understand. I signed a single contract and left it with the property administrator for the owner to sign and return my copy. A week later the contract was sent via WhatsApp. The contract was sent with missing pages and clauses . Today I have serious problems with electricity, leaks, lack, no central heating and the owner is not doing anything about it (this is a super summarized version of the case).

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