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Redundancy Conditions

Hi - I have been told to be made redundant on November 1st effective December 1st when I was 50% sick leave, where I worked for 6-7 years. I have been given 1 month notice period with 2 options. 1- to leave December 1st with a compensation amount 2- to leave within 10 months garden period and receive adjusted/decreased amount when I leave. I have some questions I like to ask.
1- I have 2 months notice period but I will be accepting the 1 month if I accepted either of the options. They do not want to change this to January 1st. Is it possible at all if I had a lawyer?
2- I am 64 years old and will take sometime to find a job in these days. I will probably choose 2nd option with 10 months garden leave but I like to know if I could transfer the paid out lumpsum can be transferred to a pension account to be taxed when I retired like I did before. Company says no to this.
3- If I do not sign any of the options, they most likely go to UWV/court to terminate my employment. Would it be better or worse for me in terms of notice period/timings and the total amount of pay out without taxes ?
Thank you .
Kind Regards

The answer to your questions depends on several factors. For instance, is there a social plan and what are the exact conditions of the agreement they offer you. Also could be relevant whether or not you are ill right now. I would advise you to consult a lawyer prior tot taking any decisions. If you want, you can contact me to discuss your case. I specialize in employment law.

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