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Non-return of deposit money?

I have been waiting for the return of the deposit money from my previous landlord for 12 weeks now which has still not happened.
I also saw a new law which promises the deposit to be returned within 2 weeks of contract expiry.
I would need some help to get my money back from the landlord.

I understand your situation can be quite frustrating. Based on the Dutch law, your landlord is indeed obligated to return your deposit after you've moved out, assuming no costs for damage or breach of contract are due. While the legal timeline for returning a deposit can vary, it's generally expected to be returned without unreasonable delays.

If your landlord has not returned your deposit, there is a certain legal procedure you can follow. Initially, you can write a registered letter to your landlord, reminding them of their duty to return your deposit and set a reasonable deadline for them to respond (you could consider 14 days).

Without a response or if your landlord still refuses to return your deposit after the deadline, you can consider taking legal proceedings. This may include filing a complaint with the Dutch Rent Tribunal or pursuing the matter in court.

Please be aware that you might need proper legal assistance in those later stages. Since each case is unique, my suggestion is to consider consulting a lawyer or a tenant's rights organization to get personalized advice on your situation. Remember, taking legal actions has also its own costs which should be factored in your decision.

Finally, please note that my advice is based on some legal resources and laws may vary from case to case. Therefore, it is advisable to seek legal advice from a lawyer practicing Dutch law to ensure your legal rights are fully protected."
Stichting is een landelijk werkende organisatie met studenten en vrijwilligers. Bovenstaand advies is gemaakt op basis van beperkte informatie en is mogelijk onvolledig of zelfs onjuist voor de situatie waarin u zit. Raadpleeg voor uw verdere stappen altijd een jurist of advocaat. Lees disclaimer:

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Good afternoon,

Unfortunately, this situation is common. It is possible to recover the amount from your former landlord. FerLei Legal can assist you in recovering the amount from your landlord. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

Kind regards,

Silvienne Leito
FerLei Legal

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