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I have problem with my payment. I'm working for an agency. I have an one year contract with them. They shall pay me this week on tuesday the days i was working in week 6. On tuesday i did not receive my salary. I called my account specialist on phone, he told me that he will call me back in 5 minutes. Today is friday, he still did not call me, he is not picking up the phone if i call him, and also did not respond on my sms. I just checked my bank account, and still i do not have my salaris. What shall i do?

I recommend you to write an official letter or email to your employer in which you give a last occasion to pay your salary voluntarily. If salary will not be paid you have to consider to request the court for bankruptcy of your employer. Social service will in most situations guarantee the payment of your salary for a maximum of the 13 weeks advanced to the bankruptcy. Please contact a lawyer for further advice.

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