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I have been working for a Dutch multinational for 6 years.
After my second degree in Paris, I got a job in Nieuwegein in the Financial department.
Then, I got a "posting" in Paris for 24 years. A difficult job, but I liked the challenge.

Since my arrival in Paris there have been problems, mainly caused by a contractor who was using his relations to try to remove me form the job so he could extend his contract.
My direct manager did not support me, it seems he went with the flow and gave me a poor staff report (after only 2 months in the country) and as a result I had to leave the country.
I got a note from the HR department stating that I would be repatriated to The Netherlands and get 6 months to look for another job in the company and if I would not find anything, I would be made redundant.

Initially, I was prepared to leave and look for another job in the company, but then it appeared that my boss wrote another justification letter to our HR department which was completely different from my staff report and a lot worse. This note from my manager was so bad that it made any chance of another job in the company impossible.
As the note was based on lies and half-truths, I raised a formal complaint based on the company's policies and code of conduct. and 2 days later, I got a letter stating that I was to be made redundant and would get 2.5 months after me leaving Brunei to find another job.

Why I would like to check if I can fight the situation:
1) I had an assignment for 2 years in Paris. I therefore loose 1,5 years of a good salary.
2) The redundancy note arrived days after my formal complaint, this looks like the company want to get rid of a person complaining about harrasment.
3) First the company states a 6 months period to find a job in the company, now it is 3 months without a realistic chance to get a job in the company.
4) The redundancy issue does not give me a realistic chance to complete the complaint. Now, a "failure in the company" will follow me throughout my further career.

My questions:
i) Is it worth fighting the redundancy?
ii) A cost estimate for this porcedure
iii) Would it result in a settlement and how long would it take in your opinion.

I hope to recieve a reply soonest as I just got my redundancy note.

With kind regards.

If the employement contract is a dutch contract with Dutch law applying, I think you have a case and should seek legal advise quickly.
If Dutch law does not apply I have no opinion.

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