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I have a question related to extremely high heating costs which the landlord is demanding from us. The story goes like this... Me and my partner lived in a 55 square meter apartment in Den Haag between 09/2014 and 08/2015. Both of us are working on a full time basis. Few weeks ago (10/2016), our landlord contacted us about the high heating costs which we incurred during our stay. The total bill amounts to around 4200 Euros. The landlord is asking us to make an offer in this regard. However, we cannot come to terms that we actually used such high amount of heating (350 Euros average per month!).

Since 09/2015 we are living in a different apartment (of 57 square meter) in Rijswijk. We received the annual utility statement from Vesteda (residential fund) for the period 09/2015-12/2015 (four months). The total heating costs are only 335 Euros.

We are being constantly threatened by the landlord about legal action. Any advice as to how should we proceed is highly appreciated.

Did the landlord alreadyd prove the amount of the energy costs? Did he give you information about the gas meter and the electricity meter? If not, you shouldn't pay, the amount seems incredible high for this kind of apartment.

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Thank you for the comments. The landlord did send an invoice stating the heating costs. In the invoice information is given about the meters and usage. Still, we don't understand such high usage. Moreover, before renting the apartment no information about the meter readings etc. were provided.

The landlord has to prove your usage, i.e. has to prove the meter readings when you started the rental of the house. If your rental rental amount was below (about) 710 Euros), you may ask the Rental Commission (Huurcommissie) to judge about the reasonability of the amount asked. The Rental Commission uses a guide in which standard amounts are calculated, depending on the house type, the building year and the way the house is isolated. The judgment of the Rental Commission is legally binding for the landlord.

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