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Hey! Im from Poland. At the moment I live in Schiedam. I rent a flat by makler (3x800 euro). We write a concract for six months. We was waiting for owner to this moment. We dont see him never but he spoke he came on over the year. The contract was written on 6 december. On this time we get the post for owner. Three times i was on makler ofifce to give him all post. It was around 50 letters...maybe more. Letters from incasso, eneco, evides, gemeente...after four monts...Owner have a debt more than 60000 euro. We must change a house not with my choice. Makler try to find us new house without brokerage fee. He say He musnt do this but he help us. I think He have a obligation with us. All the offers new houses were to expensive and not the area what we need. They dont want help us. Now we have another house from other makler but we still live here yet. Is it possible to take back this money? or take recompensation for all the problems?? How to do it?? This was only short story about this. Please help.

Hello, Since this probably requires additional explanation and there is no complete answer direct available I suggest you contact the local Rechtswinkel in Schiedam.

You can find them at this address:
Stichting Rechtswinkel Schiedam
Singel 85
3112 GL Schiedam

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