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File for divorce

I am a person with disability, using wheelchair. Married almost 4 years ago with my husband (he is Brazilian) in Poland. We moved 2 years ago to the Netherlands (my husband was constantly pushing on it).I got a job here and later he got offered a job as well. 3 months ago, one day my husband came back from work and started to treat me like a ghost.
Recently I discovered that he has a dating account on different portals (claiming he is single and searching for someone who could marry him and start the family) and that he is searching for a house to buy for himself (claiming as he is single).
He is ghosting me from that time - dont want to discuss the situation - having his own life and a budget. Moved to the other room at the house, in secret searching for house and dating. I think he married me only because he needed a wife to get a possibility to stay in Europe and when he got a permanent contract at work - started to build his own life.
I am now on sick benefit act and as we don't share budget - I am in not good financial and physical situation and as well my husband does not only avoid talking with me but as well in need of help (if I will fall from wheelchair on the floor - he will not help me).
I would like to divorce as soon as possible - because I can't live like that and as well for now I can't move out and as well will not get any support from Social Plein (as we have in theory) shared a household.
After marriage my husband convinced me to sign separation of property so we don't have any shared money, anything. Just some home appliance.
If there is any chance you could help me to file for divorce - I will really appreciate your support.

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