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BEDRIJF Doesn't Fulfill Their Promise/Responsibility

I bought (paid the deposit, rest on delivery date) a corner couch sometime ago and it was supposed to be delivered last thurdsday (15/09/2022). On the delivery date, delivery guys (from the company directly) was supposed to assembly the couch but they couldn't!!! Because they came with wrong bolts!!!!!!!!!.

Delivery guys gave me 2 options. 1: I pay the remaning amount and later they send a repairman... 2: They leave with the couch.

I told them, take back everything and come back with correct bolts because my trust is already hurt (I additionally purcahsed 5 year warranty). Delivery guy told me someone from head office will call me back on the same day to arrange a new delivery date. This didn't happen, no one called back.

On friday, I called them, explained the situation. They told me i will be called back for appointment. Guess what, no one called me back.

Today, same tthing. Told that i will be called back. And never happened.

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