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I was given notice that my employer would like to terminate my contract (along with 8 other employees) as they are closing the business in The Netherlands and relocating roles to the UK, and I have the following questions -
1) I have been receiving the 30% ruling during the employment, does this make me ineligible for governmental support Uitkering once the contract is terminated?
2) Legally what are the time frames I would need to adhere to for consultation/negotiations? For example they sent a letter to inform us of this decision yesterday and want a first group consultation meeting on Monday, I have delayed this but legally when do I need to take this initial meeting? How would I be able to lengthen this process? What is the maximum time frame legally allowed for the consultation?
3) I have been working for the company for over 4x years but I started in the UK and had to sign a new contract when I moved to The Netherlands back in Feb 2019 - will the transition fee take into account the full length of service (more than 4x years) or only the time of when my Dutch contract starts (just over a year ago)?
4) As I relocated country for the job (same role), would I be entitled to a larger transition fee or redundancy package? Or a relocation fee back to the UK?
5) What are the types of compensation that can be agreed upon by the employer and employee, i.e. longer notice period than listed in the contract.
6) Is it advisable to have legal representation present with me at these consultation meetings? And is the company required to pay for our legal fees or for legal representation if we request this? How much would it cost to represent 3x of the employees through this process?
7) If they go to the UWV in order to terminate our contracts, will we be notified? And can the UWV agree to the termination but award more than the statutory transition fee?

I specialize in labour law. Please feel free to give me a call in order discuss your case by phone.

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